PYD youth TK and Tatiana are laughing wearing YLF t shirts as they attend YLF 2019.
Brody (left) and Mike (right) stand side by side with drawn on mustaches.
A group of PYD youth and staff gather for a photo backstage. A few are dressed in chef costumes at the 2019 ATT summer show. Three people are sitting on the ground, and six standing.
Four PYD youth sitting behind laptops
Our Career Readiness Coordinator Neda smiles for a photo with three PYD youth sitting at a table in front of trade show items at State Street
Tyler stands in front of a microphone smiling wearing a blue and pink shirt. A man stands behind him smiling wearing a green shirt.
Photo of spirit award winner Franklin and three of his family members pose for a photo smiling and holding up Franklin's certificate as they sit down at a table