Career Readiness Curriculum

Career Readiness Curriculum - Two high school students work on a chemistry experimentFor the past 25 years, PYD has been running our Career Readiness program in Boston-area classrooms. Due to a high demand, our curriculum is now available for other teachers and schools that would like to implement it in their own classrooms.

PYD provides our “train-the-trainer” partners with the full curriculum, a start-up kit, start-up training, ongoing support, and evaluation and technical assistance from PYD staff. We have piloted this model with the Boston Public Schools and have trained over 50 teachers to date.

The curriculum was designed using the principles of Universal Design for Learning, which includes flexible goals, methods, materials, assessments, and accommodations for learning differences, allowing for the curriculum to be used in both inclusive and substantially separate special education classrooms.

Because of the inclusive nature of the curriculum, over the years it has been used with students with a wide range of disabilities including learning, intellectual, social emotional, physical, and sensory disabilities.

Curriculum details:

Our curriculum includes 39 lessons (about 1 hour each), with a student workbook and teacher’s guide for each lesson. It covers such topics as:

  • Professional communication
  • Resumes, cover letters, and interviews
  • Stress management
  • How to be a good employee
  • Soft skills in the workplace
  • Disability disclosure
  • Financial responsibility & budgeting
  • Entrepreneurship

“Working with [PYD] helped me to connect my students with many more real world, authentic experiences. The curriculum helped me to redesign my units in my classes for students with a variety of skills so that all students were able to benefit. Although some of the lessons I used only as a guide, the ability to have an entire curriculum to access was extremely helpful in planning and developing lessons. With [PYD], I was more motivated to bring in partners such as East Boston Savings Bank, STRIVE, and Gear Up- to name a few. I will definitely continue to incorporate these lessons into my units every year.”

~Teacher at East Boston High School