The Project LENS Award goes to… Derrik!

LENS logo

Project LENS is a segment of our Mentoring program funded by the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), where we match low vision or blind youth with adults with similar disabilities. This program makes a few matches each year, and they utilize PYD’s online mentoring platform.

This year, the recipient of our LENS award is Derrik! During the summer, Derrik had the opportunity to intern at PYD through Project LENS, where he worked with many staff members and assisted them with different tasks. During his internship, he created surveys and helped out in the marketing department at PYD.

“I connected with people from MCB to reach out to work together so we can get more people in the LENS program.”

When he found out he was getting the LENS award, Derrik said he was more surprised than anything. His main goal interning at PYD was to be able to help everyone, which he was very excited about.

“I’m more surprised that I got it, but I’m also pretty happy to get it.”

For the past month and a half, Derrik has also been a mentee at PYD. Although he has only been involved with us for a short time, he has a strong connection with his mentor Nick. So far, they work together on figuring out goals and preparing for jobs, which Derrik said has been very useful information to him. They also enjoy discussing personal finances together.

“I appreciate that he has really good info on how to go through with the job process.”

Congratulations, Derrick! We can’t wait to celebrate you at our virtual Mentor Appreciation Night 2020.

This article was written by our Communication and Marketing Intern, Vandita Patel.