Lisa Matrundola named PYD’s 2020 Mentor of the Year

Lisa and Tatiana smiling for a photo together

Every year, our organization puts on an event celebrating our lovely mentors. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, things plan to look a little different. On November 12th, 2020 from 7-8 p.m., Mentor Appreciation Night will take place virtually on your computer! During the event, PYD is excited to present the 2020 Mentor of the Year, Lisa Matrundola.

According to Jordy, Lisa’s mentoring specialist at PYD, the Mentor of the Year is acknowledged at our Mentor Appreciation Night and demonstrates a mentor who has gone above and beyond in their match. “In just a year plus alone she has not only supported PYD in our recruitment and grant efforts but has also been an instrumental support for her mentee, Tatiana.”

As a former rehabilitation counselor, Lisa was asked by the executive director of PYD, Regina Snowden if she wanted to become a mentor and bring her expertise to help others at PYD. 

“Growing up with a disability, you have a different perspective on life. When I was ready to become a mentor, I picked PYD.”

When asked about her mentee, Lisa said they were a perfect match and she couldn’t have asked for anything better. She and Tatiana have done lots of fun things together, such as art projects, going to the movies, the zoo, seeing musicals, and getting ice cream. Lisa sees her bond with Tatiana as less like a mentor-mentee relationship and more like family. 

“She’s kinda like an extended part of my family! I’ve seen her grow a lot in the past two years.”

There is no doubt Lisa and Tatiana have a special bond. Throughout the past two years, Lisa has also learned things from Tatiana like how to give back to others in a different way than she ever has before, she’s learned about herself, and lots about Tatiana’s culture.

For those considering becoming a mentor at PYD, Lisa said, “First of all, think about it, and say yes. It’s the best thing you could do.”

This blog post was written by PYD’s Communication and Marketing Intern, Vandita Patel.