Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at Partners for Youth with Disabilities is responsible for reviewing and advising management on matters affecting the strategic, operational, clinical, market, and financial conditions of the organization. The Board performs its role by receiving and reviewing financial, management, and fundraising updates and reports from the Executive Director, selected staff and/or outside consultants including Independent Auditors.

In addition to meetings in the whole, the Board performs its oversight role through several committees including the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, and Fundraising Committee. These committees and/or the Board as a whole are responsible for approving the organization’s strategic plan, annual budget and financial statements, and general organizational, financial, and operating policies.

Additionally, the Board maintains direct oversight of the organization’s Executive Director and approves any changes in the Executive Director’s compensation structure. Board composition is designed to maximize access to necessary professional financial, marketing, business, and fundraising skills while maintaining diversity and close ties to the disability community.


Lori Andrews

SVP, Global Total Rewards, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Andrew E. Bentley

Assistant Treasurer

Partner (Taxation), PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

Joe DeAngelis, MD


Orthopedic Surgeon, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Lynn Gonsalves


J. Van Gurley

President & CEO, Metron, Inc.

Jean M. Joy

Retired – Wolf & Company, P. C. Shareholder
Audit Partner and Director of Professional Practice

Jay S. Krish

Vice President of Governance, Risk, and Compliance Technology; State Street Corporation

Dianne Lescinskas

Program Development Manager, Massachusetts Autism Commission

Stephen J. Mastrocola


Pam McIntyre

Managing Director, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

George Recck

Director, Math Resource Center, Babson College

Mark Rocca

Partner, EY, Assurance Services

Manu Thakral

Assistant Professor, College of Nursing & Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts Boston


Tracy Atkinson

Executive Vice President, State Street Corporation

Benjamin Golub

Executive Chairman & Interim CEO at Storj Labs

Jennifer Mitsch Williams

Owner, First Class Carpentry, Inc.

Oz Mondejar

Senior Vice President of Mission and Advocacy, Partners Continuing Care, Inc.