Moments in Mentoring: Making Memories at The Jonas Brothers Concert

Mass Mentoring Partnership recently donated tickets for several PYD Mentor Matches to attend the Jonas Brothers Concert at the Bank of American Pavillion last Monday. Bank of America generously provided this opportunity to mentoring programs that are partner members of Mass Mentoring Partnership’s network.

Hannah Rosenblatt, who has been volunteering as a mentor for about a year, shares what a special experience this was for her and her mentee, Alya:

Hannah and Alya - Jonas Brothers 1

“My mentee, Alya, and I had a wonderful time at the Jonas Brothers concert on Monday night! It was an amazing experience, and both my mentee and I really enjoyed ourselves.  Alya is 12 years old, and has been a fan of the Jonas Brothers since their “Camp Rock” days on the Disney Channel.  I wish I had taken a picture of her when I told her that we were given tickets to go see them in concert.  Her face lit up brighter than I had ever seen it lit up before.

Alya - Jonas Brothers 3

She was in such shock, I think she wasn’t quite sure how to process all of this excitement.  The week leading up to the concert she kept saying things like ” are we REALLY getting to go see the Jonas Brothers? In Person?”  Each time that I replied “yes”, her excitement was at about the same level that it had been when I had first shared this news with her.

At the night of the actual concert, she did her hair, and wore her favorite outfit, and a huge smile stayed on her face the entire night.  Everyone at the Bank of America pavilion was so welcoming and friendly, and we both were very impressed by the VIP lounge and the free pizza, chicken tenders, soft drinks, and dessert treats.  Alya and I are also huge fans of Karmin, so that was just another added bonus that we got to see her perform as well.  Alya does not always do extremely well with large crowds, but she was so excited about the concert and so absorbed in the experience that she did excellent in the concert environment. Alya - Jonas Brothers 2

Alya and I have been a “match” since last September, and we have done so many fun things together.  Many of the things we have done this year such as: go to the science museum, go to a Celtics game, attend this concert, and visit different areas of Boston, have been new experiences for both of us.  We have created such a strong bond, and I think that we will maintain this mentor/mentee relationship for a very long time.  We have a great relationship  and we both learn a lot from each other  as well as have tons of laughs.  We both have a great sense of humor, and I think that that has helped create a strong foundation for our relationship.  For example, throughout Monday night I kept saying “wait, so is it the Jonas cousins? the Jonas Grandpas? Jonas Uncles? I can’t remember”, to which she would reply ” HANNAH! You’re so embarrassing!” We would have a good laugh about it, and continue to make jokes throughout the whole night.  Overall, this was an amazing night for both of us, and one that I am sure we will talk about for a very long time. “

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