Volunteers – we need you!

3 youth smiling posing with an adult wearing fun photo booth glasses, two children are using crutches

Over the past month, multiple states issued shelter-in-place orders in efforts to delay the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The New York Times reported that as a result, 158 million Americans were being told to stay home. This decision was put in place to keep everyone safe. While we understand that social distancing can be challenging for many, it does not have to keep us from staying positive and connected.

According to the Washington Post, as we practice social distancing, the amount of time people spend online has increased significantly, showing us that socially distancing ourselves in person does not mean that we should be isolated from society. In fact, by moving our social lives online, we now have the ability to utilize new channels to reach out to more people outside of our usual social circles. One easy way to do this? Reach out to us here at PYD to become a volunteer mentor to our youth!

For years, PYD has valued the importance of community. We understand the value of a support system, especially during challenging times like these. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our one-to-one community based mentoring program will remain online until further notice. All meetings and interactions between mentors and mentees will take place virtually for the time being. Join us online, and you will be able to help our youth during this global health crisis, and in a brighter future where you can meet in person.

Now that a majority of employees’ work and students’ classes have shifted online, this is a great opportunity for you to fill your extra time. PYD is recruiting mentors of color, mentors with disabilities, mentors of the LGBTQ+ community, Spanish and Haitian Creole speaking mentors, mentors fluent in ASL, or anyone who would like to give back to our community. Although these are not requirements, right now we are also in significant need of mentors in the Burlington, North Shore, and Dorchester areas.

If you have 4-6 hours per month, a passion for supporting others, and are able to commit to our program for a year, we want to hear from you! 

PYD is always looking to recruit more mentors, and would like to encourage individuals that share the same passion and goals to join us. We need your support for our youth as they try to navigate through these uncertain times. Not only do we want to ensure our programs continue regularly for the benefit of our youth, but we also wish to use this opportunity to reach more and prepare them for future endeavors. 

Join PYD in supporting our community by applying to be a mentor here and become a part of this tight-knit family, so we can band together in overcoming this crisis and social isolation.

This blog post was written by students at the BU PR Lab.