PYD’s Access to Arts Mosaic Project Officially Unveiled

On January 4, 2024, a momentous occasion unfolded at Spaulding Hospital in Cambridge as PYD’s Access to Arts (ATA) community mosaic project was officially unveiled. The culmination of creativity and hard work from dedicated participants during the enriching fall 2023 ATA program came to life, transforming the blank walls of Spaulding Rehab into a vibrant mural. 

Creative Journey Behind Mosaic Project

Guided by the expertise of teaching artist Joshua Winer and Access to Arts Manager Sadye Bobbette, the participants embarked on a journey of self-expression and collaboration. Twice a week after school, over the course of eight weeks, a group of 11 youth and some additional PYD and Spaulding staff came together to work on the project. Through thoughtful discussions in the initial sessions, they envisioned a garden with lots of creatures, life, and color that would instill hope and happiness to the space. Joshua seamlessly translated each participant’s drawings and sketches into a cohesive final design, carefully drawn into three panels.

The participants took on the intricate task of cutting ceramic and glass tiles, applying dollops of cement, and placing each piece onto the panel. With freedom in their choice of colors, shapes, and sizes, the project prospered with an incredible spirit of inclusivity. Joshua’s encouragement further fueled their artistic expression, turning the mosaic into a collective masterpiece.

Youth Share Their Voices and Reflections

Participants shared their experience and proudly talked about their contributions to the final project. One participant, Amy, shared her experience of the project as a whole. She said, “The biggest highlight to me of creating the mosaic is seeing the progress that’s made every week. As time passed, more and more tiles were glued down until the whole board was covered and it felt rewarding to know I took part in making it.”


We’re incredibly grateful to Spaulding Hospital, a longtime partner, and artist Josh Winer. Most importantly, we’re grateful for the youth that brought in their creativity and spirit to make this possible.  

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