We hold webinars related to disability inclusion on a monthly basis. Our webinars are all approximately an hour long, are conducted by inclusion professionals with experience working with youth with disabilities, and are designed to be engaging and inclusive to all.

We host our webinars on the Big Blue Button platform, which is an open-source webinar platform that has a strong commitment to being accessible to all users. If you require any additional accommodations, though, please let us know and we are glad to accommodate.

Previous webinar topics include:

  • Broadening Engagement Through Universal Design for Learning
  • Developing a More Inclusive Communication Style
  • Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Building Mentoring Momentum with the National Disability Mentoring Coalition
  • Making Inclusion a Priority: A case study at the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester

These webinars cost $40/user, and you can register for upcoming webinars at our Eventbrite page. Free access to these webinars is included in your subscription to our eLearning platform.

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