In 1985, Regina Snowden founded Partners for Youth with Disabilities in order to better serve and accommodate individuals with disabilities. Since that time, PYD has received various awards and honors, and has been recognized both locally and nationally for its work with youth with disabilities.

Below you will find the awards and recognitions that PYD has received over the last five years. For the full record of PYD''s accomplishments, check out the historical archive on PYD''s blog. You can also find recent media coverage of PYD in the blog feed at the bottom of this page.


PYD launches an expansion project to replicate Campus Career Connect (C3), an e-mentoring program, to support college students with disabilities thanks to funding from Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation.


PYD received 1.13 million dollars from the Department of Justice to lead the Disability Mentoring Initiative and train the Viscardi Center in New York, MentorAbility in Wyoming and Orangewood Foundation in California in best practices for mentoring youth with disabilities.
PYD was selected as the lead agency for the Massachusetts Youth Leadership Forum by Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.
PYD launches Pathways to Inclusion, an e-learning network to support youth organizations.
PYD and Regina Snowden, Founder and Executive Director, are inducted into the Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame.
PYD awarded "Leadership Award" from Work Without Limits.


PYD received the Community Service Recognition Award from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.
PYD received the Leadership Award for Advancing the Employment of Young Adults with Disabilities from Work Without Limits.
PYD was selected as the lead agency for the Massachusetts Youth Leadership Forum by Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.
Results from PYD''s pilot study on mentoring youth with autism were published in the Journal of Clinical Pediatrics.
PYD was one of four organizations highlighted onstage during Youth Mentoring Day at the Massachusetts State House.
PYD mentor, Oz Mondejar, is awarded the John D. Kemp Leadership Award.
Genelle Thomas, Director of National Initiatives, is invited to present at the International Mentoring Conference hosted by Perach International in Mexico.


Genelle Thomas was selected to co-chair the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities task force on Leadership and Mentoring.
PYD Mentor Josh and Mentee Justin were chosen among other matches from mentoring programs across Massachusetts to read the starting lineup live on NESN during Mentoring Night at Fenway Park.
PYD awarded "Award of Excellence" from Access Sport America.
In May 2014, PYD Mentor Laura Dennison was selected as a Myra Kraft Community MVP by the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation for her volunteer work as a PYD mentor.
Regina Snowden received the Federation for Children with Special Needs Community Partnership Award.


Regina Snowden was selected as one of the "100 Women We Admire" by the Ad''s Club''s Women''s Leadership Forum in 2013 and was also selected as a 2013 nominee for the "Women Who Live United Award" from the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley.
Mentor Match Director Kristin Humphrey was selected to be a member of the National Mentoring Resource Center Stakeholder Council, a project funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention in partnership with MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership.


AccesSport America Award of Excellence


PYD''s National Center for Mentoring Youth with Disabilities is one of eight organizations from throughout the country recognized by the Mitsubishi America Electric Foundation (MEAF) for achievements in the promotion of inclusion of youth with disabilities.


The BOSTnet Disability Inclusion Star Award is presented to Regina Snowden, Executive Director of PYD.
The Massachusetts Commission for the Blind awards the Certificate of Recognition to PYD.