Mentor Monday: Meet Tiphany Adams

We are enthused to help unveil Tiphany, a short film feature. You’ll be happy you took the time today to meet Tiphany Adams. Eighteen years ago, her life could have ended. Instead, she’s now showing people just how beautiful disability can be. She knows life is precious and beauty is in all forms and sizes.

Tiphany, we love that you are shattering stereotypes. You are a symbol of “unstoppable”!

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  1. Marguerite Walks
    Marguerite Walks
    3 months ago

    Very nice story, l wrote a book called From Below Sea Level, l was in a car accident when l was 18 years injury T12 L1 l am now differently able, and just trying to find the right person to promote my book.

    • Steve Slowinski
      Steve Slowinski
      3 months ago

      Thanks for the response, Marguerite! We aren’t very big and can’t always help signal-boost everything that comes our way, but feel free to reach out to me. My email can be found on our “Staff” page.

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