TK: recipient of the YEP career readiness award

TK YEP Award Photo

Tyrell, popularly known as TK, is looking forward to a promising future.

TK is an alumni of PYD’s career-readiness program. Beginning in November 2017, TK attended several PYD classes to prepare him for a job in the working world. Throughout his time in our program, he learned how to apply for jobs and internships, how to prepare for interviews, and how to act professionally.

After learning these skills, TK was placed in an internship at State Street Corporation. There, he was responsible for several tasks such as taking inventory, alphabetizing and organizing files, and working with Excel and PowerPoint. Using what he learned from our career-readiness program and with the support of a PYD job coach, TK performed these tasks confidently and successfully completed his internship at State Street.

Currently, TK is attending the Boston Community Leadership Academy and his next steps will be graduating from high school and beginning the next chapter of his life. TK is looking forward to the future and has set some goals for himself: “I would like to try to go to college and try living on my own in a few years,” says TK. He also looks forward to continue working and thinks about becoming a video game engineer one day.

TK says his strengths include public speaking, math, and communicating with people, and hopes to apply these skills to jobs in the future. TK is also focusing on making sure he is consistently working on becoming a better version of himself.

On November 2nd, 2018 TK will receive the Greg Dees & Anita McGahan YEP Award for showcasing exactly what it means to be “career-ready”. Congratulations, TK!

About the award: Greg Dees and Anita McGahan are two luminaries in social entrepreneurship and business for whom the award is named after. They both took an interest in PYD in various ways. Greg was a former PYD board member, and both were professional colleagues while at Harvard Business School. Through this professional relationship, Anita came to know PYD, and brought recognition to PYD through her own family engagement in the organization through the past 25 years.

For 25 years, Anita has been on the cutting edge of curriculum development and pedagogical advances. During her years at Harvard Business School, Anita developed more than 70 cases, teaching notes, and related pedagogical materials. Several of these – such as ‘Sunrise Medical Inc.’ Wheelchair Products and Saturn: A Different Kind of Car Company – became basic staples of the core strategy curriculum taught worldwide. She was one of the early producers of CD-ROM-based case-related material.

Anita is a superb teacher herself, winning countless teaching awards at the various institutions where she has worked, for example the Excellence in Teaching Award at the Rotman School and Professor of the Year at Boston University. In September 2018, Anita was awarded the inaugural Educational Impact Award of the Strategic Management Society.

This blog post was written by Julie Fager, Victoria Mullen, and Jess Swarm of the BU PRLab and edited by Nicole Malo and Nicole Ciarlone.