Meet our Honorees: Cheri Blauwet

At PYD’s upcoming benefit event, we will be honoring Ernst & Young and a handful of individuals for their commitment to the inclusion and mentoring of youth with disabilities. Dr. Cheri Blauwet is one of our honorees, in recognition of her contributions to the Paralympic and inclusive sports movements. She is the chairperson of the International Paralympic Committee’s Medical Committee, directs the Disability Access and Awareness division at Spaulding Rehabilitation Network, and is an attending physician at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital. As a former Paralympic athlete and winner of the Boston and New York City Marathons, she is a fantastic role model to all aspiring athletes with a disability.

Learn more about Cheri below!

Why is mentoring important to you?
Mentoring is extremely important to me as it provides a means for someone with more experience – in your career, sports, life in general – to guide your path in a honest and insightful way. We all need mentors who can provide honest SUPPORT and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism when necessary. Mentoring shouldn’t always be about patting someone on the back or showing unconditional support. It is about offering honest opportunity for growth and personal development.

Why is inclusion important to you?
Inclusion is extremely important because it reinforces that there are so, so many ways of being human, and that if we embrace that diversity, it makes us STRONGER.

What’s your favorite PYD memory?
Connecting with Laura Dennison, meeting for coffee, and coming up with the name for her fundraising slogan, “making waves.”

Tell us about something awesome you’re working on.
Preparing to attend the Rio Paralympics, not as an athlete, but in my professional role as a physician!

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