Help PYD Win Free Advertising

Dear Boston Globe subscribers,

Have you gotten your silver slip in the mail? Please consider selecting PYD as your non-profit of choice to help us win free advertising with #GlobeGRANT.

Globe Grant mailing

GRANT enables readers to show their support for non-profits by choosing which ones are given free advertising space in The Boston Globe.

The Boston Globe is mailing vouchers to each of their subscribers. Seven-day newspaper subscribers’ vouchers are valued at $100; all other subscribers (including website-only readers) have been sent vouchers valued at $50.

Help us win free ad space with #GlobeGRANT by selecting PYD today and you’ll be spreading the word about disability inclusion throughout Boston! For more information about GRANT, click here.

Please share with others this quick and easy way to bring awareness to PYD with the Boston Globe. Thank you for your support!

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