“A Dynamic Journey: My Tribute to Rayleen Lescay” displayed at PYD

Dew Jareanvai has been a visual artist for six years. Using the mediums of acrylic paints, oil pastels and everyday objects he creates abstract works. His art frequently focuses on human potential and the belief that the only limits are self-imposed.

Artist’s statement from Dew: This collection (of paintings) entitled “A Dynamic Journey: A Tribute to Rayleen Lescay” is particularly close to my heart. Rayleen was a young woman that lived freely and without placing unnecessary limits on her life, or her abilities. Unfortunately, Rayleen succumbed to cancer in 2009. As one of her closest friends, I created this collection to honor her spirit and  chronicle the journey together including Rayleen’s courageous battle against cancer.

Dew Jareanvai's four works are now on display at the PYD office through Dec. 2016

This collection is comprised of four acrylic paintings.  The red in each painting represents Rayleen.  The painting titled Limitless Possibilities is about Rayleen’s zest for life and her boundless energy and curiosity.  She loved to be center stage, and enjoyed doing pop wheelies. Her love of movement is represented by the purple and white swirly lines. The second painting titled Rayleen’s Adversary depicts Rayleen’s battle against cancer. The red is Rayleen and the scratches symbolizes Rayleen’s fighting spirit in the face of cancer’s ever strengthen power.  The third painting titled Loss Of Rayleen contains no red because it illustrates my reaction to her death. The orange lightning bolt represents my shock, the blue, my sadness, and blacks my depression at loosing such a wonderful friend.  The fourth painting is titled Rayleen holding court. Rayleen always dreamed of having her own talk show and I think this dream was fulfilled in her afterlife. As host of her own show, the red spreads across the painting because once again Rayleen has claimed center stage.  She has a brown sparkly microphone and audience hanging on her words. Rayleen is definitely in heaven.

I hope you enjoy “A Dynamic Journey:  My Tribute to Rayleen Lescay”.

A Dynamic Journey: My Tribute to Rayleen Lescay is showing at Partners for Youth with Disabilities office at 95 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA July through December 2016. The exhibit will travel to the Boston Center for the Arts Cyclorama the week of July 25th and be on exposition at PYD’s Mentor Appreciation Night in October, 2016. All are welcome to view the works.

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