Jamie, PYD Ambassador for the Naukabout Music Festival!

Festival Day is quickly approaching! We can’t wait for you to meet Jamie, PYD Ambassador for the Naukabout Festival. Jamie has a warmth and presence about her that draws everyone in – and from singing, to acting, to dancing, she lights up the stage! Get to know Jamie in the interview below, and be sure to join us at the Naukabout Music Festival this Saturday, August 3rd, from 12:00PM – 10:00 PM. Click here to get your tickets now.

For more information on the Naukabout Festival, check out this great article from Boston Central.

Moments in Mentoring: Making Memories at The Jonas Brothers Concert

Mass Mentoring Partnership recently donated tickets for several PYD Mentor Matches to attend the Jonas Brothers Concert at the Bank of American Pavillion last Monday. Bank of America generously provided this opportunity to mentoring programs that are partner members of Mass Mentoring Partnership’s network.

Hannah Rosenblatt, who has been volunteering as a mentor for about a year, shares what a special experience this was for her and her mentee, Alya:

Hannah and Alya - Jonas Brothers 1

“My mentee, Alya, and I had a wonderful time at the Jonas Brothers concert on Monday night! It was an amazing experience, and both my mentee and I really enjoyed ourselves.  Alya is 12 years old, and has been a fan of the Jonas Brothers since their “Camp Rock” days on the Disney Channel.  I wish I had taken a picture of her when I told her that we were given tickets to go see them in concert.  Her face lit up brighter than I had ever seen it lit up before.

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Introducing Tyler, PYD Ambassador for the Naukabout Music Festival

PYD Ambassador Tyler will be at the Naukabout Music Festival on August 3rd, and we hope you will be too! Tyler, whose ambition is to become a radio host and DJ, says he won’t let any obstacles get in the way of his dreams. He explains, “Anybody is capable of doing anything that they want, as long as their whole mind and heart is into it, no matter what.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Want to hear more from Tyler? PYD will be part of a special performance by Sally Taylor and Aline Haunton during the Naukabout Festival, and our awesome Ambassadors will be hosting a raffle for a Yamaha guitar signed by Carly Simon, Sally Taylor, and Ben Taylor! Click here to get your tickets for the Naukabout Music Festival on August 3rd.

Win a Guitar Signed by Carly Simon and Sally & Ben Taylor!

August 3rd is quickly approaching, and we here at PYD could not be more excited for the Naukabout Music Festival. It’s not too late to join in on the fun! Tickets are available here and also at the door. Want to know more? Check out this radio interview featuring PYD’s Managing Director, Dean Bragonier, as he talks about all things Naukabout and what to expect at the Festival.

PYD will be hosting an information table and raffle at the Naukabout concert. Our amazing Ambassadors, many of whom you’ve gotten to know through our blog interviews, will be there to give you the opportunity to go home with a Yamaha guitar signed by Carly Simon and Sally & Ben Taylor. Sally Taylor, PYD mentor and spokesperson, will be performing at the Festival with her musical mentee, Aline Haunton! Sally and Aline bring a special mentoring component to the Festival that truly demonstrates what Partners for Youth with Disabilities is all about. Trust us when we tell you that you won’t want to miss it!



Be sure to come say hi to the PYD Ambassadors at the Naukabout Festival on August 3rd – you could end up winning this amazing guitar from the Cape’s favorite musical family while supporting PYD!

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