National Center Presents at the HRIA Youth Work Intensive

Kaela and Kristin at the Youth Work IntensiveOn Friday, March 22nd, PYD’s National Center team presented a two hour workshop entitled “Inclusive Programs Improve Quality for All Youth” at the 12th Annual Youth Work Intensive, sponsored by Health Resources in Action and taking place at Harvard University.

In attendance were participants from a range of youth-serving organizations throughout the Boston area, including: Strong Women, Strong Girls; The Boys and Girls Club of Middlesex County; the National Park Service/OCLP; the East End House; and the Cambridge Housing Authorities’ “The Work Force” program.

A highlight for the team was the integration of a great TED Talk entitled “The Opportunity of Adversity” by Aimee Mullins, our new heroine! See the full video below:

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Guest Post: Architect and Author Deborah Pierce on Accessibility in the Home

Deborah Pierce headshotDeborah Pierce, AIA, CAPS, is an author, architect, and supporter of PYD. Her latest book, The Accessible Home: Designing for All Ages and Abilities, “goes beyond ramps and grab-bars to help aging boomers, or those faced with disabilities, accomplish home accessibility on a deeper level.”

For each of us, there comes a moment when the Nature of Reality is revealed. It can be an accident or illness, for ourselves or for those we love, that leaves us forever changed. Things that seemed under our control turn out to be an illusion. We watch others going about their daily activities – perhaps rushed or mindless – thinking they have all the time in the world, when we know in our bones that this is not so.

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Moments in Mentoring: The Celtics, Courtney Lee, and a Night to Remember

Josh and Justin before the Celtics gameThroughout the basketball season, the Mentor Match program receives ticket donations courtesy of the Boston Celtics’ Shamrock Dreams, a community program where Celtics season ticket holders can donate tickets to charitable organizations throughout the Boston area. Thanks to the help of the Massachusetts Mentoring Partnership, mentees and mentors involved in the Mentor Match program have been receiving free Celtics tickets from the Shamrock Dreams program for the past three seasons.

This past Saturday, one of our newest matches was treated to something extra special: free courtside tickets to the Boston Celtics game that night. They were so close to the action, the mentee even got to meet some of the Celtics.

Below you’ll find the full story of their experience, as conveyed to us in an email from Justin’s mentor. Thank you to the Boston Celtics, the Shamrock Dreams program, and the season ticket holders who donate their unused tickets for making memories like this possible!

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Youth and Family Resources: March 2013

This month, we have focused on summer camp opportunities for younger youth, as well as scholarship possibilities for our older participants. Because we know that families often need information and support as much as their youth, we have also provided an opportunity for parents of adolescents with a disability.

If you would like more resources, please leave a comment below or contact us through Facebook, Twitter, email, or phone. Let us know if you are seeing the type of resources and information you need each month, or if you would like us to focus on other topics as well.
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