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Sadye Bobbette

Career Readiness Program Coordinator
She, Her, Hers

Phone: 617-556-4075 X149


Sadye joined PYD as a Career Readiness Program Coordinator in the Fall of 2022. She graduated from Hamilton College with a BA in Hispanic Studies and has held teaching and mentorship positions at a public school, her alma mater, non-profit organizations, and a summer camp. These experiences sparked her desire to improve the inclusivity and adaptability of our education and youth support systems.

With a background in experiential and alternative education, Sadye hopes to expand the purpose, reach, and accessibility of learning. She especially enjoys teaching leadership and communication skills to traditionally underserved students.

Outside of work, you can find Sadye writing and performing on vocals and keyboard with her Somerville-based band. She also loves running, backpacking, and cooking.