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Neda Mustafa

Mentoring Specialist

Phone: 617-556-4075 x129


Neda is a Mentoring Specialist at Partners for Youth with Disabilities. She has over a decade of experience working and volunteering with a variety of children and youth services in countries around the world — from behaviorally challenged preschoolers to children with disabilities in the USA to refugees, orphans, and people with disabilities in Greece and Palestine. More recently, she completed a Masters in Philosophy of Childhood Studies where she researched and explored the development of childhood and perspective of life as an orphan in a conflict zone within a boy’s home in Palestine.

She enjoys the positive impact working with vulnerable groups has on her as well as the positive impact she feels she has with these groups. It is the single greatest motivator in her work.

She also enjoys teaching yoga to all age groups, juggling, dancing, rock climbing and overall just being silly. She believes that in this world, friendships and connections to others — especially people you can laugh with — are the foundation of a happy life and she is eager to help create these connections at PYD.