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Emmanuella Maxi

Outreach Specialist

Phone: 617-556-4075 x138


Emmanuella is an Outreach Specialist at PYD. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Dominican law, a foreign equivalent degree in Haitian law, and a Master’s degree in International and European Fundamental Laws.

While registered at the bar of Port-au-Prince, she practiced law until she migrated to Massachusetts. She loves helping people in need. She previously worked as a volunteer supporting people with disabilities. She has also worked with food insecure people and has experience in the field of translation, network marketing, and human resources.

From personal experience, Emmanuella feels concerned by the challenges that face minorities; she already had to migrate twice in her life. She fluently speaks Haitian creole, French, and Spanish.

Outside of work, she loves to worship God, to spend time with her loved family, to cook, and to read. She enjoys long walks in the nature.