Susan M. Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame

Susan Daniels in her famous red hatThe Susan M. Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame was established to honor those who are making a significant difference in the lives of youth and adults with disabilities through mentoring and to raise awareness about the importance of mentoring for individuals with disabilities.

The Hall of Fame's namesake, Susan M. Daniels, devoted her life to improving the lives of others with disabilities. As a person with a disability who achieved enormous professional and personal success, she had significant impact as a senior policy maker, as an inspirational speaker and teacher, and as a mentor to hundreds of individuals.

In 2015, the National Disability Mentoring Coalition named 25 outstanding leaders as the first inductees into the Susan M. Daniels Disability Mentoring Hall of Fame - 25 champions marking the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. These inductees were selected for their demonstrated commitment to mentoring and for their impact on improving the lives of people with disabilities.

Nominations were submitted between January and April for inducting individuals and programs into the Class of 2016. The selection committee reviewed the nominations and has contacted the honorees. The new inductees will be honored from July through November at the following events:

    We will post the entire Class of 2016 Inductees on the Hall of Fame site soon. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about the inductees or receive updates about the Hall of Fame, please join our mailing list!